Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Lunch With Barbie!

So I'm pretty sure every little girl dreams about having lunch with Barbie.  Well while in NYC I got to do just that! Within minutes of walking into the lunch all of us were instantly sharing stories about when we used to play with Barbie's.  Definitely was an experience I'll never forget! It was so wonderful hearing from Michelle, Chief of Staff, about all the exciting things Barbie is involved in.  We even had a conversation about all the controversy surrounding Barbie.  When I was a kid I never felt pressured to look like Barbie, I knew I would never be blonde, unless I dyed my hair, I'd never have blue eyes, unless I got fake contacts and I'd definitely never stop eating enough to have that tiny little waist, which is humanly impossible.  However I still loved to dream up adventures and create stories of where Barbie and Ken would go.  I feel like all this pressure to look like Barbie is ridiculous! My parents raised my sister and I to stand on our own two feet and be who we want to be, I adored playing with Barbie because she had so many different accomplishments, not because I wanted to look like her. 
It was so incredible to sit at our tables with a bunch of older Barbie's and to see everything this icon has stood for.  Truly an opportunity I am beyond grateful for! Thank you Lucky Magazine and thank you Barbie!
Dress - French Connection
Boots - DebShops
Glasses - Fendi

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