Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paul Mitchell Event!

It was so much fun to get to go to a Paul Mitchell focus salon for the evening and get my hair done! It was literally just starting to rain as I walked in the door so my hair was a bit damp and it definitely needed some love!

Aren't these the cutest dryers you have ever seen! They move to where ever you are sitting!
I felt so blessed to be in NYC and to be invited to LuckyFABB as it was but all the pre events were just too much fun! It was so awesome to get pampered and get to enjoy someone else doing my hair! Random, so the girl who styled my hair, who I forgot to take a picture with, is actually from Sacramento so we had tons to talk about! This was the perfect way to kick off LuckyFABB and I still can't believe I got to go! I had such a fun time with one of my fellow bloggers Alex (pictured above).  She was a blast! It was so fun to walk around NYC at night and have these events to go to! Can't wait to share my next post which kicks off with the first day of LuckyFABB! Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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